Deano’s Day

We where pretty excited about getting back to this mark, Tim has unfortunately had to move to London and fishing has been put on hold but Neil and Dean where keen to get out with me.

We started in the light but the green string weed was a real pain. It was everywhere… Neil and Dean fished SP and tried to fish through and I tried to mix it up doing my best to actually getting a lure to fish. Previously I have fished Weightless weedless SP through this stuff really slowly and close to the bottom but today even this wasn’t really happening. I have really wanted to get a fish off the top this year but even the topwater’s where picking up plenty of weed almost from the instance they landed.

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Sleep Deprived…

It’s a funny thing, almost like being drunk but your clearly not just get that funny sort of lets be stupid kind of feel. I quite enjoy it actually but it’s clearly not a good thing. Only so long can I then last before the eye lids start to drop.

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Sunny Sunday

Unfortunately best unlaid plans and all I woke on Sunday morning with a hangover. Not what I had hoped for and I certainly didn’t plan it. The phone was ringing and after a dog walk with Nicola I sneaked out for a few hours fishing with Tim and Dean. The plan was just to see what the coast was looking like and possibly see if we could tempt a cheeky Wrasse or too.

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