December topwater action

December came and with good weather too, this opened up new opportunities to fish a new part of the season from the boat which was exciting. I had searched out some new ground with my friend Marcus which was his first trip in my boat.

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Two PB’s, one fine October morning!

Shore sessions in October where rather fruitless to say the least, I put in a bit of time trying to find some good fish but it didn’t happen. We had a lot of east and north winds and this can’t have helped. On the plus side the weather was rather good for fishing in the boat and me and Mark got out from his SIB and it provided a PB for both of us…

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The baitfish are here!

August has been my worse month on record ever since I started lure fishing for bass except for my first season when it was potentially my best. Tactics and marks have changed since then and possibly for the worst when It comes to the dreaded month of August. Admittedly last year I barely fished it for other reasons but the other years it clearly stands out as being tricky. This month has seen the baitfish move in…

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