Irish bass festival 2016

Me and my mate Tim have just got back from Ten days in Ireland for the bass festival. It was our first time over there and had no idea what to expect. Stories of poor fishing and the place being easily blown out where worrying. We made plans just in case of such situation but where pleased to see the forecast before the comp was blowing West along the coast. This brought a little swell and clear water though the forecast was meant to be going SW for the comp.

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Cornish Lure Festival 2015

The Cornwall Lure festival was something I was really looking forward to this year. I was a bit slow to buying the tickets due to money constraints but finally got it done and it was game on. This year I did go a little mental and me and Tim decided to head down to Cornwall a couple days before to give us some time to try and find some fish before the comp started. Continue reading

Shore Sessions

Apologies to any readers for the lack of updates recently, I have been really busy and any free time I have had, you guessed it… I’ve been fishing. With not a lot to shout about. I have had my fair share of blanks though they have mainly come from the daylight hours where I have been trying to get back into my surface fishing.

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Swinging 60’s 70’s Weekend…

So I haven’t been able to do as much fishing as normal recently. I blanked last weekend with Neil, the offshore wind didn’t help or the big bright moon but where they to blame or was it a case of no fish present or just bad angling and other techniques would have produced the goods… To be fair I had a hangover and I didn’t have a huge amount of enthusiasm.

This weekend I wanted to fish and hard, the tides weren’t looking great but they where just dropping off from some big springs so I thought it was worth a shot and with evening high tides it was my favourite state of tide…

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Sunny Sunday

Unfortunately best unlaid plans and all I woke on Sunday morning with a hangover. Not what I had hoped for and I certainly didn’t plan it. The phone was ringing and after a dog walk with Nicola I sneaked out for a few hours fishing with Tim and Dean. The plan was just to see what the coast was looking like and possibly see if we could tempt a cheeky Wrasse or too.

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