Looking for that BIG winter PIG

I have felt that winter has set in properly now and even though I’m sure there are a some bars of silver out there to be had I do generally switch my attention to Wrasse during the colder months. Not only is there more chance of catching some fish and having a blast but it is also a good time to get a BIG PIG! Continue reading


So October has been pretty quiet but I haven’t managed to get out as much as I was hoping. I have been getting out locally for the odd hour here and there when I can and have mainly just been catching small fish but one night I lost a fish that I reckon was the fish I have been waiting for…

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First day afloat in the SIB

A previous weekend saw me and Tim head out for a morning session. It was flat calm and sunny and not a fish in sight apart from the ever larger growing population of Garfish!

We tried a few marks for Bass and fished on the surface without a sniff, It didn’t take me long to switch my attentions to Wrasse. Even these where hard to find but the trusty Seaspin bikoa in Deep Junebug got nailed on a straight retrieve close to the bottom.

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A slow August

August has been my worst month for a few years now and just never seems to produce many good fish. This year may have been different but unfortunately I have been so busy with work I just haven’t found the time to get out and only done 4 or 5 trips. Each trip has produced Bass just nothing of any size still sometimes it’s just nice to be out…

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Hitting the Shingle

I do really enjoy fishing some of our local shingle beaches. Sometimes when it’s just too rough in other places these can be the perfect place to fish instead. Now admittedly this wasn’t the case the other day but I do really enjoy fishing them, get some swell and you can hit some good numbers of fish and get a cracking fight out of them too.

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