A slow August

August has been my worst month for a few years now and just never seems to produce many good fish. This year may have been different but unfortunately I have been so busy with work I just haven’t found the time to get out and only done 4 or 5 trips. Each trip has produced Bass just nothing of any size still sometimes it’s just nice to be out…

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Swinging 60’s 70’s Weekend…

So I haven’t been able to do as much fishing as normal recently. I blanked last weekend with Neil, the offshore wind didn’t help or the big bright moon but where they to blame or was it a case of no fish present or just bad angling and other techniques would have produced the goods… To be fair I had a hangover and I didn’t have a huge amount of enthusiasm.

This weekend I wanted to fish and hard, the tides weren’t looking great but they where just dropping off from some big springs so I thought it was worth a shot and with evening high tides it was my favourite state of tide…

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First Boarder Bandit Raid,The Cornish Lure Festival!

Last weekend was the Cornish Lure Festival, a weekend event of all things Lure fishing that takes part once a year over the 4th,5th and 6th of July.

There are so many Categories and so many top quality prizes to be won. Cornwall is a special place and it’s 422 miles of stunning coastline holds all sorts of features for a huge range of fish species! The species hunter’s at this years event clearly showed that nearly all of them can be caught on lures too!

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Long night…

So the weekend before last me and Neil headed out on Saturday evening. We would have normally preferred different tide times but we where keen to get out anyway and being a Saturday there was plenty  of time for sleeping the next day.

On arrival we where completely blown out by the lettuce weed, this stuff is everywhere ATM and it pays to have a back up plan…

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A bit of ”Guiding”

Firstly sorry for a lack of updates recently, things have been a bit mad. I’ve had to purchase a new computer and this weekend I was fishing the Cornish lure festival… Report to follow on that one!

I haven’t been guiding actually just using it as more of an excuse… My friend Drew is relatively new to fishing and has been really keen to get out recently so I have been trying to get him some fish.

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The Darkness comes good

It has been a poor week of fishing to say the least. I met up with Rod for a session one evening and we where fronted with perfect conditions. Apart from a couple of possible knocks we saw no signs of Bass being present. We decided on a move and we had a couple of casts at another mark. I had a Bass boil right next to me as it passed through with the tide but no takers on the lures…

After a frustrating week of pretty much blanking the time was right for a session in the dark. With high tide on the breach of darkness we felt like we stood a good chance to get a fish or two…

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Deano’s Day

We where pretty excited about getting back to this mark, Tim has unfortunately had to move to London and fishing has been put on hold but Neil and Dean where keen to get out with me.

We started in the light but the green string weed was a real pain. It was everywhere… Neil and Dean fished SP and tried to fish through and I tried to mix it up doing my best to actually getting a lure to fish. Previously I have fished Weightless weedless SP through this stuff really slowly and close to the bottom but today even this wasn’t really happening. I have really wanted to get a fish off the top this year but even the topwater’s where picking up plenty of weed almost from the instance they landed.

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The backup plan…

More often than not I like to have a back up plan when I go fishing. I’ll rephrase that more of another option if things don’t pan out… Sometimes I just get that feeling that this isn’t going to happen or you take a gamble on the conditions and are met with dirty water and floating weed. I like to have another chance at saving the session and possibly getting into a fish or two. Sometimes the back up plans are better than the first idea… But you have to gamble and try these new ideas in order to learn…

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