Bye bye blues

Washing away the winter blues… Since the storms hit us hard in December I haven’t been inspired to get out and instead opting to get some jobs done and hopefully maximise my time when the conditions suit. Whether it’s getting out on the boat or hitting some tasty conditions on the coast….

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Jersey Bass Festival 2015

43 miles of coast line, 8 metres of tide, an angle from any wind, headlands and surf beaches and lots of reefs. Jersey has it all and we couldn’t wait to explore and see what it had to offer. After the Cornish lure festival this year me and Tim where keen to see if we could do another. As we approached the channel islands via the ferry from Poole we couldn’t help but get excited.

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Fun in the sun!

The last of the sun for 2015??? We are mid October now but I hope there are more days like this to come as I enjoy every day I get to go out on the boat. The SIB has been a tremedously fun bit of kit this year and has given me a new angle on my fishing. Me and Kory jumped at the opportunity to get out  when I saw a break in the weather… Continue reading

Cornish Lure Festival 2015

The Cornwall Lure festival was something I was really looking forward to this year. I was a bit slow to buying the tickets due to money constraints but finally got it done and it was game on. This year I did go a little mental and me and Tim decided to head down to Cornwall a couple days before to give us some time to try and find some fish before the comp started. Continue reading

What happened to spring?

Two or three weeks ago the cold of winter seemed like a distant haunt. The sun was beaming down and we hit 24 degrees at the peak of the day! It felt good real good! After spending the winter working outside it gave me a new lease of life. Soon after a my first session on the rocks was due. It was mid April and I often get my first fish of the season around this time. Conditions weren’t ideal but we still managed 5 fish between us and things looked good.

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2014 Gear Review From The Year

Last year I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to fish as Pro staff for Seaspin. I jumped at the idea and looked at it as something new, a challenge and there products really interested me. After a season testing there lures and other accessories I can now shed some light on some of there products but unfortunately not all where used in vengeance and there’s plenty more testing to do next year…

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2014 Summary! Best season yet!

Despite having the worst year of my life, on the fishing side it was by far my best! Amongst the winter storms we managed to find some clear water and the target was to hopefully nail a few Wrasse. There certainly wasn’t a lot of fish but I did manage my PB Wrasse at 50cm, I took the fish on a sunny day in the middle of January on an AYU 4inch Xlayer mounted on 10gm Weedless jighead.

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Lures beat bait…

Me and Tim headed out for a session the other evening, neither of us had been out in a while and were unsure as to what conditions we would find when we arrived at our mark. We decided to take a bait rod each in case the water was coloured and not in our favour of using the lures. On arrival there was a decent swell and the water seemed clear from what we could make out but there was a horrible side wind that wasn’t going to make fishing lures easy.

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First day afloat in the SIB

A previous weekend saw me and Tim head out for a morning session. It was flat calm and sunny and not a fish in sight apart from the ever larger growing population of Garfish!

We tried a few marks for Bass and fished on the surface without a sniff, It didn’t take me long to switch my attentions to Wrasse. Even these where hard to find but the trusty Seaspin bikoa in Deep Junebug got nailed on a straight retrieve close to the bottom.

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