Winter Wrasse Sessions

December, January and February are the times I find myself fishing for Wrasse the most in a season. The Bass thin out, the big Wrasse can come out to play and you can normally target them both on the same sort of ground. But they certainly seem to bite harder and with more confidence in the summer when the water is warmer and so far I have failed to find any fish of any size but that was also true when I did have a go in the warmer months anyway.

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So October has been pretty quiet but I haven’t managed to get out as much as I was hoping. I have been getting out locally for the odd hour here and there when I can and have mainly just been catching small fish but one night I lost a fish that I reckon was the fish I have been waiting for…

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First day afloat in the SIB

A previous weekend saw me and Tim head out for a morning session. It was flat calm and sunny and not a fish in sight apart from the ever larger growing population of Garfish!

We tried a few marks for Bass and fished on the surface without a sniff, It didn’t take me long to switch my attentions to Wrasse. Even these where hard to find but the trusty Seaspin bikoa in Deep Junebug got nailed on a straight retrieve close to the bottom.

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Long night…

So the weekend before last me and Neil headed out on Saturday evening. We would have normally preferred different tide times but we where keen to get out anyway and being a Saturday there was plenty  of time for sleeping the next day.

On arrival we where completely blown out by the lettuce weed, this stuff is everywhere ATM and it pays to have a back up plan…

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