Shore Sessions

Apologies to any readers for the lack of updates recently, I have been really busy and any free time I have had, you guessed it… I’ve been fishing. With not a lot to shout about. I have had my fair share of blanks though they have mainly come from the daylight hours where I have been trying to get back into my surface fishing.

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2014 Gear Review From The Year

Last year I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to fish as Pro staff for Seaspin. I jumped at the idea and looked at it as something new, a challenge and there products really interested me. After a season testing there lures and other accessories I can now shed some light on some of there products but unfortunately not all where used in vengeance and there’s plenty more testing to do next year…

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First day afloat in the SIB

A previous weekend saw me and Tim head out for a morning session. It was flat calm and sunny and not a fish in sight apart from the ever larger growing population of Garfish!

We tried a few marks for Bass and fished on the surface without a sniff, It didn’t take me long to switch my attentions to Wrasse. Even these where hard to find but the trusty Seaspin bikoa in Deep Junebug got nailed on a straight retrieve close to the bottom.

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Swinging 60’s 70’s Weekend…

So I haven’t been able to do as much fishing as normal recently. I blanked last weekend with Neil, the offshore wind didn’t help or the big bright moon but where they to blame or was it a case of no fish present or just bad angling and other techniques would have produced the goods… To be fair I had a hangover and I didn’t have a huge amount of enthusiasm.

This weekend I wanted to fish and hard, the tides weren’t looking great but they where just dropping off from some big springs so I thought it was worth a shot and with evening high tides it was my favourite state of tide…

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