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In 2010 I turned my interest to lure fishing after bait fishing for a few years. The idea of travelling light, being highly mobile and not having to buy bait really appeals to me. Plus I looked at it as a new challenge! Lure fishing has lead me to more and better fish than ever before! I’ll be posting reports of most of my trips, explaining about the techniques applied to catch the fish. I will also be doing some helpful reviews on the products I use under the ”Tackle” section. All the information on this blog is purely of my experience and views, there is no right or wrong way of doing anything. A lot of places fish completely different to others! I just hope you enjoy the reports and can find some of the information useful that I provide as I learn. TightLines… Keir Sims

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello Kier’

    I’ve been a fan of Henry Gilbys Blog for a while now and have started to really look forward to your Blogs posts mate. You have it spot on friend, fishing for fun with your mates and you write a damn good post. Keep up the good work and thanks for bringing to my attention night fishing for Bass in pitch dark. It does not get any more exciting than that. I’m out Sun night to the Portland area to do my best to lure a Bass or 3, had a stonker of a fish last week at 57cm.


    • Hi Stuart,

      Thank you for the kind comments, glad you enjoy the blog and hope it can possibly help you in some way. The night fishing this year has really helped my fishing with only a few fish in the light. Dropped a nice fish on fri and then nothing, hope you did better than me this weekend.


  2. Hi Kier,
    Cracking blog mate – just found it today. I’ll look forward to your reports and other things of interest you have to say. Good luck for the season matey.

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