More fun in the SIB, new experiences and learning curves!

Last weekend saw some slight offshore winds and things looked feasible to get out on the SIB. We certainly haven’t seen many days recently where this would be possible but along our part of the coast there is nearly always somewhere you can find the wind off your back and this can certainly give an opportunity to get slightly offshore.┬áThe main reason behind getting the SIB was to improve our chances of fishing during the daytime or when the conditions didn’t really take our fancy from the shore and it’s also a huge new learning curve for me and getting any sort of result from these sessions is always pleasing.

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Heaven and Hell, underlying reel problems.

Not so much of a catch report but me venting my bemusement… I have this mark that is probably hardly ever fished. Only known by a few of the older locals and apparently old hunting grounds of book writer Alan Vaughn ”Hooked on bass” as I ended up bumping into a friend of his down there.

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What happened to spring?

Two or three weeks ago the cold of winter seemed like a distant haunt. The sun was beaming down and we hit 24 degrees at the peak of the day! It felt good real good! After spending the winter working outside it gave me a new lease of life. Soon after a my first session on the rocks was due. It was mid April and I often get my first fish of the season around this time. Conditions weren’t ideal but we still managed 5 fish between us and things looked good.

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