The Light sessions

I seem to have done more fishing with the LRF and light gear through these winter months than usual and it has been thoroughly enjoyable. Playing with different rigs/techniques and it’s all food for thought when It does come to the Bass season and whether these will be worthwhile using in different situations to improve catch rates only time will tell but it’s good to be able to enjoy sport on the lures all year round.

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Winter Wrasse Sessions

December, January and February are the times I find myself fishing for Wrasse the most in a season. The Bass thin out, the big Wrasse can come out to play and you can normally target them both on the same sort of ground. But they certainly seem to bite harder and with more confidence in the summer when the water is warmer and so far I have failed to find any fish of any size but that was also true when I did have a go in the warmer months anyway.

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Pike with Neil

A very delayed report of a great days Piking with Neil on a local water. It was January and it had really started to get cold. On this day we where really feeling it. It was overcast and not a tiny bit of sunshine was shining through to warm us up. Neil mentioned he preferred the overcast days for for Pike just as we would for Bass. To be honest on these waters I haven’t noticed a difference and we normally only ever see a couple fish whether its sunny or cloudy, high or low pressure but it raised our enthusiasm and we felt confident.

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