2014 Summary! Best season yet!

Despite having the worst year of my life, on the fishing side it was by far my best! Amongst the winter storms we managed to find some clear water and the target was to hopefully nail a few Wrasse. There certainly wasn’t a lot of fish but I did manage my PB Wrasse at 50cm, I took the fish on a sunny day in the middle of January on an AYU 4inch Xlayer mounted on 10gm Weedless jighead.

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Looking for that BIG winter PIG

I have felt that winter has set in properly now and even though I’m sure there are a some bars of silver out there to be had I do generally switch my attention to Wrasse during the colder months. Not only is there more chance of catching some fish and having a blast but it is also a good time to get a¬†BIG PIG! Continue reading