So October has been pretty quiet but I haven’t managed to get out as much as I was hoping. I have been getting out locally for the odd hour here and there when I can and have mainly just been catching small fish but one night I lost a fish that I reckon was the fish I have been waiting for…

We where getting quiet a few small fish, from 0.5lb to 1.5lb and lots of small taps that you just couldn’t connect with. First thoughts where probably Mackeral but we where catching the odd tiny Bass around half a pound and maybe it was just full of them.

The water was a bit shallower than I like here and after catching the bottom a couple of times I decided to change lure to a Dichoso 5” paddler in white that I had mounted on a 7gm 2/0 weedless jighead. Now the lure is made of a really soft material and comes with slits in the top and bottom of the lure for weedless rigging. The jighead though didn’t have the deepest hook and looking at it you wouldn’t have believed you would ever hook up but with the material being so soft and with the slits it didn’t look too bad…

I got the classic little tap just like all the other bites but this one connected when I hit it… Instant weight and the fish took a couple slow powerful runs and started to kite towards a snag. All I did was apply some gentle pressure as the weight on the end felt like something serious. You know when your rods bent double and it just doesn’t feel like you can pull any harder… that was it, the fish just kitted one way and then slowly the next as I just kept trying to drag it in. I had chosen not to turn my headtorch in case I spooked the fish and being on a small area of beach I thought it would be a pretty simple to beach the fish. This ma have been where I pushed it a little bit too far and as the fish was only a metre or so out in a foot of water, she turned and shook her head in anger… the lure came flying out of her mouth and nearly hit me in the face… I couldn’t believe it and I reckon that was the fish I had been needing all year, so close and yet gone in a second! I can only blame the weedless hook and my stupidity for believing that it would have been alright… I guess it just wasn’t and it was just a classic case of bad angling.

Andy casting at another mark, it was perfect looking conditions but not a sniff!

I was lucky enough to get a day off work, something that I don’t think has happened at all this year apart from my only holiday in Cambodia… I had set a plan to get out in search of some new marks where I knew there was some fish and a chance of a good one too.

 The marks I had wanted to check out didn’t look as good as I had hoped and instead I opted for another area that I knew was going to be fishable and give us a chance of a fish or two.
There was a lot of weed in the water and I opted to fish weedless rather than with a normal jighead to try and get around the problem. The lure of choice was the Fiiish Minnow 120 in Kaki mounted on a 12gm Big bites weedless jighead. I found a spot that looked good, the water wasn’t running so fast and I was able to work the lure more confidently. Casting up stream and fishing a slow sink and draw almost along the bottom then swinging the lure around in the current.
After 15mins or so I cast up tide and almost instantly felt the classic tap of a fish, it went slack and I wound in and lifted into the fish. It felt solid and kitted down tide taking some line. It took line 5 or 6 times in the strong tide before I managed to slowly pull it in towards me. It looked a nice fish and I was hoping it might be a good one. On closer inspection it was nice fish and I had achieved my last goal for the year with a 70cm+ fish.
She went 70cm on the nose and in very healthy condition so i’m guessing around 8lbish!
I revived the fish in the water while Kory came and got some snaps for me before she was released.
I was redeemed from my last episode of bad angling and the great feeling of achievement for hitting my year target!
A solo mission the other evening, crystal clear and flat calm. Being a rather shallow mark I opted for a hard plastic instead of a softie for a change and took 4 pollock and one schoolie on the Seaspin Momotti 140 in ACR with a nornal speed straight retrieve.

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