South Devon Bumble 2014!

Each year Nick Bennett from the Lure Forum puts on a South Devon Bumble, whether the fishing is good or not at the time it’s all about meeting new people, chatting about fishing and┬áhaving a proper laugh! A brilliant weekend away from all the boring day to day crap we all go through and a good time to get some proper time on the water… fishing!

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Summer ain’t over yet!

Saturday was booked into my diary as the South Devon Fish In, organised by Eddie and Phil members from The Bass Anglers Sport Fishing Society. They organise a little get together each year down in a lovely bit of South Devon that happens to be around some of my favourite fishing grounds…

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A slow August

August has been my worst month for a few years now and just never seems to produce many good fish. This year may have been different but unfortunately I have been so busy with work I just haven’t found the time to get out and only done 4 or 5 trips. Each trip has produced Bass just nothing of any size still sometimes it’s just nice to be out…

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