Thankfully this isn’t a post about actual poaching, that stuff enrages me beyond belief and I even heard of some nets yesterday which doesn’t bode well at all. No this post is all about poaching your mates fish… you know the ones where you just have a cheeky cast in there direction or stroll up to them, pretend to come over for a chat, chuck your lure in and then pull a fish out from under there nose?

It’s naughty but dam funny. This is exactly what happened the other day. Me and Tim met up for a session down a pretty stashed little cove I know of. There’s not a huge amount of space anyway but we all started spread along the beach.

We where hoping for a bit more swell to be honest but it was more flat than the last time I was down and it was supposed to be blowing a bit all day… Never mind, we expected it would be another case of waiting for the light to fade and hope some fish move in to feed under the cover of darkness. We tried topwater’s in the light and they looked good in the gentle swell and slight chop but it just wasn’t happening.

Darkness seemed to come pretty quick as it was pretty overcast, Tim reverted back to his old faithful. The Savage gear Slug, 6inch? mounted on a 14gm sakura fishhead… fished at a steady normal pace….

It wasn’t long before he was into a fish that hit him as he was only a ft out right in the wash. Only a couple pound but his ”Old faithful” had done it again. Meanwhile I was blanking at the other end trying to fish my way through the large amount of weed.

I hadn’t had a sniff and after 45mins or so it was time to have a smoke and a chat, I walked over to him just as he reeled in. Any more? No mate, nothing over here… he started making a rolly while a snuck in a quick cast. Out went the Redgill evo in pearl and first cast.. tap tap whack… HAHA he couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t stop laughing…

I beached a nice fish of 54cm and was pretty happy with that. A quality bit of poaching… It’s only fair and payback for all the times he has done it to me. Revenge is SWEET!


I have to apologise for the lack of photo’s, they where taken and somehow have been deleted off my camera along with a few other shots that I had taken of our last session. Anyway I thought the story was worth sharing, nothing new learned apart from poaching mates fish is always worth a bit of banter and is truly funny! Look out Tim I’m on your case!

4 thoughts on “Poaching…

      • Hello Keir,
        Just wanted to say that thanks to you and your Blog Site mate. I’ve been a keen follower of Henry Gilbys Blog for a while and started looking at some of the other Blog Sites such as yours. Since reading yours and a few others I have been spending virtually all my Bass fishing time at night. My catch rate has gone through the roof in terms of numbers and size. It was literally a step into the dark and one i’m very glad I took. Me and a good mate are off out Sat night around Portland and hope to get a few fish on the leading edge of the low pressure that’s coming our way Sunday. Keep up the excellent Blog Keir and keep catching. Stuart.

  1. Haha that was some top notch poaching there lol :p and yea it’s the 6inch sg slug…… straight tails for the win 🙂

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