A bit of ”Guiding”

Firstly sorry for a lack of updates recently, things have been a bit mad. I’ve had to purchase a new computer and this weekend I was fishing the Cornish lure festival… Report to follow on that one!

I haven’t been guiding actually just using it as more of an excuse… My friend Drew is relatively new to fishing and has been really keen to get out recently so I have been trying to get him some fish.

We had a little night session locally one night. It seemed like and age for it get properly dark as we arrived just before the sun went down. We sat around and waited for the darkness to settle in but it just wouldn’t. We decided to have a chuck anyway. I had set up Drew with SGS and a 10gm jig head. Relatively light so that there was less chance of snagging.

Well it seems that he is a natural and before i’d even got into position he was into a fish…

Only a small fish but the smiles speaks for itself…

I tried to follow in his footsteps but I couldn’t find a fish. I moved spots and I heard Drew shout… I ran over but he’d already dropped the fish back… 2-0 to Drew!

I tried some different stuff but couldn’t buy a bite. I was hoping we might have had a pretty hectic session but it certainly didn’t seem like there was a lot going on so we left after and hour or so. Good guiding… lol any excuse…

Drew also has a nice 8hp Yamaha outboard. It’s a fair bit more pokey than my 4hp and we took it out in the estuary for a test run and a little fish. We covered a fair bit of ground and that is the beauty of having a little inflatable. Just being able to cover more ground/marks quicker. It was a hot sunny day and there was a lot of boat activity and people enjoying the river and quite a few people fishing too but we saw nothing caught and saw no obvious signs of fish.

We ended up at one of our favourite marks and had a take pretty quick on a 5 inch Keitech easy shiner on a weedless jig head but no hookup. It was a quick hit and I was rusty and not on the ball. Neil turned up and we left him to it and moved to another favourite spot of mine. I gave Drew a SGS on a weedless jig head so that he had less chance of snagging in the weed.

He fished one end of the rip and I was fishing the other. It didn’t take long before I got the shout of fish on! I nice fight ensued in the current and a nice 49cm fish was on the shore and Drew’s biggest of the year. He so wanted it to be a 50cm but it wasn’t quite… lol You’ll have to wait for that one mate and i’m sure it will come soon enough.

A stunning dark looking fish, well done Drew!

So I blanked… again and Drew came out with the fish. The boat’s good and if we have more flat weather we’ll be using it more. I’d like to get out along the coast. Maybe find some nice Pollock and Wrasse. Will be a nice change and something different.

So… what a quality bit of ”Guiding”…

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