A few off the top!

Finally… They succumbed to the surface lures. The water has warmed a fair bit know and there are more baitfish present. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that if it was colder and there wasn’t any baitfish they wouldn’t take it OTT because everything is different and a slowly worked surface lure I believe is pretty hard for any Bass to refuse or at least to have a good look…

But these factors have certainly given me more confidence and incidentally I have caught a few fish. All be it not big fish but it’s always nice to see your lure getting nailed on the surface and breaking the ice of that first one of the year OTT. You have to get back into the swing of things.

Conditions looked pretty good according to the Met office. I couldn’t help but try and get for an early morning session on the river. I arrived to a very peaceful and tranquil river, only the ripples in the current where creating any disturbance on the surface. First cast with the ProQ 90 in GST and it was fish on. It was a prestine little schoolie and I plopped him back sharpish hoping for something bigger. I saw a few fish rise but I couldn’t buy another take, first cast fail…. as I like to call it. Often happens when I land a fish first cast and that’s the only fish I see of the session…

I decided it was time for a move and started covering more ground until I reached a spot I’ve been liking the look of, I worked the ProQ 90 super slow past some structure and into the shallows. A fish nailed it pretty quick and an instant hook up.

The fish fought hard for a little guy and I was pleased with the result. After nothing else I carried on, I mixed it up and tried some new stuff but it wasn’t happening. It was getting on for late morning and I had to be back to sort out some stuff but I was pleased to get one off the top at last.

I think about fishing a lot, and the other day I just couldn’t help but think something was happening. The baitfish had moved and where somewhere else. Nic gave me the all clear to pop out for an hour so I could test the water so to speak.

Once again I was greeted with pretty perfect conditions. I started subsurface but It wasn’t long before I saw a splash on the surface. It wasn’t mullet, it was definitely Bass. Nothing crazy but the odd splash continued to appear here and there. Most of the fish I see here OTT are generally at range. I stuck on the Austrie 110, these little lure’s cast like missiles and have the kind of slow seductive action that I like.

First cast with the surface lure on and it was on! A feisty schoolie missed it and then came back for seconds…

I didn’t mess around with getting him in as the local Seal had only just passed me by… Well the action was pretty good for about 45mins of fishing.

I managed 3 in pretty quick succession and then decided to change lure, I tried the Salt skimmer a lure I’ve not caught much with but can also cast pretty far. I was getting the distance but I only managed one take and missed one. The fish got closer and I switched to the little ProQ90. Once again though all I could manage was one missed take. Something wasn’t right. Had they already sussed me out. I switched back to the Austrie and once again another take but It didn’t come back for more and wasn’t committed… It might have been to do with the fact that I had got a little bit excited and started working the quicker than when I started I’m not sure…

Time soon flew and I had to make a hasty retreat before I got in trouble. Still it was a fun few minutes and kind of proved what I was thinking. I also saw some Sandeels and the Bass where clearly nailing stuff all over so at least I was right about the baitfish. I didn’t see any signs that there might have been some bigger fish about though but I reckon if I had stuck at it properly I might have had a 3lber out in the end…

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