Deano’s Day

We where pretty excited about getting back to this mark, Tim has unfortunately had to move to London and fishing has been put on hold but Neil and Dean where keen to get out with me.

We started in the light but the green string weed was a real pain. It was everywhere… Neil and Dean fished SP and tried to fish through and I tried to mix it up doing my best to actually getting a lure to fish. Previously I have fished Weightless weedless SP through this stuff really slowly and close to the bottom but today even this wasn’t really happening. I have really wanted to get a fish off the top this year but even the topwater’s where picking up plenty of weed almost from the instance they landed.

I moved about trying to find clearer patches but it was hard work. Time ticked on and we approached high tide. The weed was slowly getting better. Neil was first in with a fish but it wasn’t the silver we came for but a very spirited Wrasse.

Wrasse on the Fiiish Minnow

Soon after and Dean was in too… He thought he had found a silver bar but anther Wrasse appeared from the deep…


You can see the horrible green weed on the lure. A nightmare to fish through!

We carried on and darkness slowly started to creep in and the weed started to clear. It was hopefully game on…

I started fishing shallow diving hard plastics and Neil and Dean stuck with the Soft’s and it was Dean that struck first and pulled out some silver. A small time went by before Neil landed a 49cm fish…


A worthy blank saver and job done

At this point I had to switch back to the softs, I needed at least one fish for my efforts…

It worked and I hooked into a small fish, the feeling of relief, a fish at last… I got it into my feet and as I went to grab the bugger it shook the hook… It wasn’t a record breaker that’s for sure and at least I had played the fish and seen it. It just doesn’t count…

Things where pretty quiet and not a lot doing, Deano made a move and started fishing a different area…

Before we knew it he had a fish, and it looked alright. He was playing around trying to lip grip it, I could see it coming off but he pulled it off quite smoothly.

A 56cm but looking very skinny, post spawn?

I had a couple hits and quite violent ones too but they where right under my feet and not what I have come to expect on this mark. But then again bass are so unpredictable in my eyes, you just never know what could happen next…

It was clear to me my hangover was showing and my reactions weren’t really there at all (at least that’s my excuse anyway).

Soon enough and Dean had another fish on his line…

Smiling! and rightly too, he had a good night and really showed me and Neil how it is done…

A 59cm fish this time, also very skinny and post spawn I expect. The tide had nearly gone by this point and we where running out of water. It was late and we all had work in the morning. Was it just Dean’s day or was there more to it. The only difference is he would have been fishing a slightly faster retrieve than us as his jig head was heavier. It’s not the first time I have been done by the quicker retrieve at night!

Well done Dean, today was your day…



2 thoughts on “Deano’s Day

  1. Well done lads some nice fish, I have only started to lure fish at night was told a slow retrieve was the way to go. I will start to mix it up from now as you say Bass are so unpredictable.

    • Cheers David, everyone has a different idea of slow. I would say I average 1 turn of the reel every second normally at night. Some times I slow it right down to 1 turn every 3/4 seconds. But I imagine Dean was fishing quicker than this. Unfortunately Bass are so unpredictable and there can be a lot of other factors, bait present or not, bass mood, water clarity, conditions etc.. can all play a part I believe in what they want on the day. The best things is to have a few fishing buddy’s and that way it’s easier to work out what they want and how they want it presented. Good luck

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