Warming up nicely!

So me and Dean hit the rocks Friday afternoon. It was a little overcast and a light southerly wind which created some perfect conditions for us.

There was a slight surface chop on the water and a gentle swell rolling in onto the rocks. Things looked good but when we arrived at the mark we could only take a couple of Pollock. I was still feeling confident as the tide was still quite high and this mark definitely fishes better towards low tide. We went to try a couple different spots but failed and I said to Dean we should head back. ”The Rock” was just exposed and we could know get into the zone… I rushed over and after bumping a couple rocks with the Savage gear I got an instant take.

I then proceeded to take 3 fish in consecutive casts but Dean wasn’t getting a bite. I told him to cast back into and along the rocks. It was really tricky and a precise cast was needed to get a good line over the gulleys but Dean finally managed his first bass of 2014. I switched over and tried a new Seaspin soft plastic the 5” Bikora mounted on a 14gm Sakura fishead. I was really impressed with the distance I was casting and started to slowly bump the bottom. The wind had picked up and started to create a bit of a side wind but I stuck at it and managed to nail the smaller of the 4 fish but I was pleased with the result and good to get a fish on the new lure the first time out. The action slowly died off and I was hoping there might be a bigger fish lurking but with the tide dropping it became more difficult to fish and the sun slowly dropped behind the hills. We would have stayed on into the dark but the Southerly wind was slowly picking up and it would have just become a pain to fish in the dark.

Me and Tim popped out for a short session on Saturday but where amazed what the wind had done over night. In 8 hours of 30mph gusting 50mph the swell was huge and really coloured everywhere we went. We did manage to find a little clearer patch though and last cast I pulled another schoolie out which was nice to see and saved a blank.

Like it rough? Fishing in some fizz? Not today…

We also went out yesterday hoping the conditions would be better. We revisited the mark we fished yesterday and Tim soon landed his first bass of 2014 but after a while we decided to gamble on a bigger fish mark… The only problem being there was a risk of it being dirty and we had no real backup plan. A chap i’d met before greeted us at the mark as he was leaving and said it was filthy, we had a look but it just didn’t look right and we headed home early feeling pretty knackered.

The conditions where spot on at the first mark and the sun briefly blessed us  amongst the heavy showers.

It’s good to see the fish around again even if they are only small for know. The seas still warming up and hopefully in May we’ll see more and some bigger fish… Me, Dean and Tim are all off the mark know and it’s good to get the first fish out of the way to bring the confidence back!

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