The Bloom has cleared!

So the last set of neap tides proved difficult. I had a few small fish on occasion but the wind made the areas I wanted to target difficult. Then the may bloom appeared and that really didn’t give me any confidence. The good news was that it cleared and in time fro the next set of spring tides!

Sunday me, Tim and Dean went back to see if we could replicate the last good session we had. Unfortunately there was not a lot happening, the darkness settled and I couldn’t believe for a second there wouldn’t be at least one bass lurking around. Tim and Dean had given up but I said you’ll have to sit and wait for me as I just couldn’t believe there wasn’t a bass to be had. The tide had dropped nearly to the point the mark was unfishable. I was fishing a small SGS on a 14gm head (fav combo and rarely lets me down, when its tough its on…) I cast out and felt the tinniest of taps that you would only believe as a small pollock knipping at the tail of the lure. If there was any wind you really wouldn’t have felt this. This happened twice and I just could not connect with whatever it was. Third time lucky though and my reactions where sharp and it was fish on. A heavy fighting fish came in at 60cm…

Tim and Dean got up at this point to help me land the fish. Quick photo and back she went…

Next cast same again, tinniest of single taps…. I got it… Another nice fish of 62cm

But while Dean was landing my fish for me Tim had cast over me to get in on the action…. Straight in…


Dean landed that one too…

So persistence paid off in the end and the fish came at the same time that I first ever fished this mark but they where clearly passing through the system and not feeding this time…

Last night was a better tide and resembled more of the session we had before. With a light onshore wind the conditions looked perfect. Unfortunately the onshore winds had blown a lot of green string weed in and fishing was very difficult. I couldn’t believe we didn’t have a fish in the light but we knew it was all about waiting for the darkness. As soon as the light faded it began. I managed a 53 to start and Tim pulled one in soon after.

It wasn’t explosive action and we had some relatively quiet spells. Tim had a 50 next before another long quiet spell.

I then manged two in quick succession. A 58 and 56

After it had been measured…

Once again though it went dead and as we had to be up early for work we made the decision to leave it there as it wasn’t easy with the weed.

Still we where very happy with the results of late and it definitely all seems to be happening after dark… I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and just hope this can continue 😀

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