Rod Review’s…

General Plugging Rods:

Savage Gear Bushwhacker 8ft 10-40gm

My first proper plugging rod I owned and I loved it. I can fish nearly anything on this rod from xlayers with 7gm jigheads to 30gm Tide minnow’s and Patchinko’s without a problem! I can highly recomend these for anyone!

Teklon Concept 832 8ft3 15-50gm

Is a very nice rod to use. Very comfortable in the hand, even more so than the bushy I think. The tip has plenty of feel in it as well. I can fish xlayers on 10gm jigheads happily enough. It handles fish nicely as well from what I can see. Its quite a progressive rod. Nice tip and just gets stiffer all the way down to the butt.

Teklon Concept 802 8ft 10-40gm

Just the same as the 8ft3 Teklon this rod is very nice in the hand, very comfortable to use. Being a little bit lighter than the 8ft3 at 10-40gm it is just that. Not super sensitive but I could happily work most Soft plastics on mine (do live sticks and weightless 6inch sluggos) and a perfect all round plugging rod. I could even chuck the 42gm Savage gear sandeels on it too without a worry. Unfortunately we have gone our seperate ways, by this I mean 4ft of the tip section went seaward but up till know my favourite all rounder.

Daiwa Infeet Extreme EG80H 8ft 10-40gm

This is an interesting rod, Steve Richardson kindly offered it to me for a very good price when I was in search of a replacement and he even let me try the rod first! I couldn’t refuse!

From the first time I used this Rod I fell in love with it. It wasn’t like the normal FAST action rods I’d been used to all the time I’ve been plugging. Instead it was definitely softer but had plenty of back bone and a really fast recovery. It loads so easily with any lure on it and sends them out there in good fashion!

Having a softer action the rod has a really nice tip to it that’s perfect for feeling soft plastics and is really forgiving on your wrists when working Hard Plastics.

It also comes with Titanium guides which is very nice and they won’t or shouldn’t RUST! But due to this rod being a Japanese Squidding (EGing rod) it does have low profile eyes which are also very small so you can’t fit a clip through them and if you fish with the leader long enough so that your leader knot sits in the eyes when casting it will get caught. But I haven’t tried Henrys new leader knot yet as I only ever fish with a 2-2.5ft leader anyway and so it hasn’t affected me.

Heavy Plugging Rod: Garbalino Magister 9ft 15-50gm

Recently just purchased this rod for whacking out 30gm+ plugs and shads with 20-35gm jigheads on when conditions are tough to fish anything lighter. This rod does have the capabilities to cast heavier stuff if needed to as well. It has a lot of poke to it. First impressions are its a very good rod for the money (£65). The action and tip are perfect but the rod is a little heavy in the hand. This really isn’t an issue as most of the time i’m fishing sink and draw rather than jerking the rod like I would with most HP’s.

SP/HRF Rod: Shimano Speedmaster Dropshot 7ft 3.5-28gm

I love this rod, I bought it for fishing weightless SP and various other SP for wrasse etc.. and it does its job perfectly. I believe it has a MED/FAST action and you can tell its a lot softer than the Bushy but this is actually perfect for fishing SP. Its very light and comfortable to fish but also has a lot of backbone. I’ve had wrasse,bass and flatties on it and it handles the fish perfectly.

Ultralite/LRF Rod: Okuma Ceilio 6.6ft 1-10gm

I bought this rod off of a forum member as i wanted to try some LRF fishing over winter. It was cheap and was all i needed to have a play and experiment with this style of fishing. Well I’ve had a blast with it. I’ve had pollock and bass around a pound and a 2.5lb mullet on it and its great fun. It has a great feel to the tip for feeling the smallest of plucks and can cast small jigs plenty far enough for what i need.

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