Other Tackle

Pliers, Lure Clips, Bags, Waders etc…

Here are my thoughts…

Overboard Rucksack

I have always used rucksacks to store my fishing gear and I carried on using them for my lure fishing. As soon as I heard about the Overboard rucksack’s I had to have one. I love my photography nearly as much as my fishing and knowing that my camera is going to stay dry is a good thing. They certainly do there job very well and my equipment is always dry whether I’m fishing in the rain or getting splashed by waves and spray on the rocks/beach. They are also very comfortable to wear and a chest and waist strap help when carrying heavy loads.

I am know on my second rucksack. I started with the 20litre version and it fitted everything I needed. Two lure boxes, camera, food, clothing and a few bit and bob boxes for hooks and weights etc… But I did fancy getting the 30litre version as I wanted a little extra room for a video camera and for a bit more space for my bait fishing gear. The 30litre is plenty big enough and there is always space available in mine if ever I need it.

Unfortunately I do treat my stuff rough and I don’t look after any of my equipment(apart from the Camera)… One season was all that was needed to wear a hole or two in the bottom. Throwing it down on barnacle covered rocks eventually took it’s toll I guess and I can’t blame it for that but it would be a nice upgrade Overboard… (Stronger material on the bottom please)

But I will continue to use them as they do keep my stuff DRY!

Rovex Stainless Steel Pliers

Unfortunately not something I personally would recommend, after harsh treatment they rusted badly from the off as with most stuff to be fair but eventually they snapped on me and they didn’t last long either…

Black Diamond Spot Headtorch

So I have only been using this for  about 6 months know but I really like it. The company themselves make climbing gear so it has to be pretty up to scratch (Well I’d like to think so)

The battery life is pretty good, it will last 50 hours on full burn at 130 Lumens and gives you a 75m range. It also has a wider lighting range mode with two LED’s that will go for 200 hours flat out. Both settings are dimmable which is a nice touch I think. Handy when your bassing and you want a spot light but not at full brightness as its not needed, simply hold the button down and it will dim right down. It also has a red light mode as well but this is pretty dim and you couldn’t really walk around and use it but on the other hand you could probably fish with it on the whole time and it will give you enough in front of you to see what your doing with your reel or lure for instance and hopefully not scare the fish away…

It is also waterproof to a certain degree. Protected against splash or spray from any angle with an IPX rating 4 It will be fine in the rain and has been so far but how it will deal with some Salt water spray maybe another issue. Hopefully I wont be too close to the water when it’s rough and dark to find out but we’ll see…

They also have a neat lock mode so that you can put it in your bag without having to worry if it has been turned on and the batteries have gone dead by the time you need it. Another neat touch…

You can pick these up for 30-40 pounds which in my eyes is a pretty good deal. You can always use rechargeable AAA batteries too.




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