Sleep Deprived…

It’s a funny thing, almost like being drunk but your clearly not just get that funny sort of lets be stupid kind of feel. I quite enjoy it actually but it’s clearly not a good thing. Only so long can I then last before the eye lids start to drop.

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The Bloom has cleared!

So the last set of neap tides proved difficult. I had a few small fish on occasion but the wind made the areas I wanted to target difficult. Then the may bloom appeared and that really didn’t give me any confidence. The good news was that it cleared and in time fro the next set of spring tides!

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Kicking May off with a BANG!

Me and the misses watched the John butler trio on Saturday night and there was no way I was going to be in a fit state for an early morning session but I was so keen to get out.

I came up with a rough idea on Saturday for Sunday afternoon/evening instead. The plan was to hit a mark over low maybe hit a couple Wrasse if the Bass where slow or hopefully save a blank early on with the good chance of a schoolie or two then move to a mark that I dragged Tim to a couple of years ago. Fish in the light for an hour and then over the high in the dark to see if there was anything lurking about and hopefully give us a chance of finding some better size fish…

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Sunny Sunday

Unfortunately best unlaid plans and all I woke on Sunday morning with a hangover. Not what I had hoped for and I certainly didn’t plan it. The phone was ringing and after a dog walk with Nicola I sneaked out for a few hours fishing with Tim and Dean. The plan was just to see what the coast was looking like and possibly see if we could tempt a cheeky Wrasse or too.

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